Alejandro Martinez

Mentor & Pianist

A Life of Personal Discovery

There was an instant, almost without realizing it, despite my continuous interest in expressing myself from my essence, with authenticity and unfolding my potentials, I end up seeing myself entangled in the currents of the world, following the customs and beliefs of others!

In my adolescence, I miss that teaching techniques, both at school and at home, do not motivate us to express ourselves with originality. Further, we are used to memorizing and repeating behaviors and thoughts inherited by culture.

At university, studying engineering and finance, I conclude that traditional studies do not encourage the development of human skills but, mainly, technical ones. The creative capacity is little stimulated and the inspirational one is hardly even mentioned.

I decide to take some music and piano classes at university, perhaps believing that in art it could be different. However, again, I focus on memorizing concepts and repeating. Very little, may be nothing, to express my potential through my hands.

This is how I allowed, in my youth, traditional teaching methodologies to stall my intention as a musician for 2 decades!

My first years of working life, as a manager, financial and business consultant, creator of online projects and trader of the New York Stock Exchange, do not encourage me to express myself from within, but to concentrate, once again, on repeating learned and commonly accepted teaching methods.

In addition, most attempts to be oneself, without following learned schemes, thinking, and acting in different ways, tend to generate prevention, ridicule, or rejection.

In short, both educational and work environments, influenced by social ones, offer minimal opportunities to develop inner potential; rather, they limit. Of course... today I understand that this happens ONLY IF I ALLOW IT!

How antihuman seems the custom of accepting the use of masks in our attitude but, even stranger, repressing the internal expression or manifesting our essence.

But yes... in my case, that innocent child, who did not find places to express himself with originality, paradoxically, becomes an "authentic copy of the world" rather than the authentic person he wanted to be.

Continuous Inner Deepening to Unfold My Potential

During my youth and my first working years, I maintain human research. I discover varied schools of thought and philosophy that contribute something to me; however, none make me fill complete...

My true deepening begins in 2004 when I decide to concentrate my work on creating a mental gym, which makes it possible to reduce human suffering and enrich the lives of many people in practical ways. For that reason I established the Academy of Human Development.

I had an intuition of how valuable this work would also be for me... but I didn´t know how much it would really mean to my life!

With researchers from the East and West, I discovered the importance of avoiding gaps with fads or superficial concepts, to build methods of personal transformation that were real or effective.

I understood the utopia of promising happiness, success or positivism, in a few steps and permanently, when the real thing in everyone's life is the ups and downs. That made it a must for me to create tools to manage them.

It is only close to my 40s that this mental gym and helping my students to develop talents, allows me to discover, in an unusual impulse, the ability to improvise on the piano and express my deepest truths through it. Truths that little can be conveyed with words.

Improvising on the Piano Unveils My Most Original Capabilities

When I was young, I tried to take music classes, but I was short-lived as I allowed myself to be limited by traditional teaching methods.

Only as an adult, while helping others to develop talents and after 20 years with the keyboard kept under my bed!, I discover that I can improvise on the piano, with my own methods, in a fluid way and with a very personal style.

By letting myself be guided by my ear, heart, emotion and environment in which I improvise on the piano, I can express my truth without restrictions.

I begin to improvise without making a major intellectual effort, or practicing anything beforehand, but letting myself be guided by my interior and the sound I produce on the piano.

I creat music by playing with rhythms, melodies and patterns for every harmony, mood and environment in which I play. With faults I explore new paths. I am passionate about playing by inventing and I don´t like too much to prepare repertoires; perhaps because the sensation of improvising fills me, while that of reproducing, emphasizes the traditional style of teaching, of memorizing to repeat.

I love turning feelings that sometimes seem lost into music and creating stories that sound like poetry!

Most who try it in their favorite art can also do it in a few weeks and even without technical knowledge, allowing them to get to know each other better and discover their own musical or artistic style.

If you are willing to consistently give your best to the world, I invite you to learn about this improvisation method that I created in the program Creative In 7, so you can express your art in the purest way, improve your income and also grow as a person.

Did you know that improvisation can help you in other areas of your life other than art?

Yes!... unleash the improvisational art that is in you also helps you develop soft skills: it allows you to increase your levels of attention, concentration and perception, maintain high motivation, acquire greater self-esteem, emotional intelligence and courage, learn to make better decisions and communicate in more original and assertive ways.

Do you want something else?

Your expanded human and creative capacities lead you to raise your level of consciousness and inspire others to develop them.

Learn to improvise - Click here!

The Pain That Most Limit Us

In 2008 I find myself studying the biology of knowing and loving at the Matrix Institute of Chile with the biologist and humanist Humberto Maturana, who with great wisdom tells me that the main pain of every human being is found in the constant denial of oneself for not expressing the inner potential that he/she knows, has, and can develop. Various scientists, humanists and psychologists, refer in one way or another to this same pain... the pain of not being yourself!

Today we show the social engineering that is woven around your life and mine, which stealthily leads us to live within routines and comfort zones, which keep our potential hidden.

It may take a lot of honesty to recognize your dormant gifts. But even more, to develop them. Anyway, sooner or later, we all end up coming face to face with our interior to recognize that we are the only ones who can do something to expand ourselves... that no one else can do it for me!

Focus, With Determination and Courage, On Unfolding Who You Are

Of course, I can always hide in the momentary pleasures that the world offers or in the mental and emotional justifications, taking advantage of the fact that most do too. This would mean living like an automated human, in apparent external comfort but without internal comfort.

However, even aware of my possibilities, I end up leaving it only as a dream, to develop my inner potential, give my life more meaning and live as a humanized human: with internal and external comfort.

Are you one of those who often remember that something is missing in life? something more than partner, children, power, money or fame? something internal and not external? Have you allowed the forces of the world to keep you inactive? Do you avoid misunderstanding by looking for ways out in the world rather than within yourself?

The true answers are within you. When you avoid your inner reality, the problem is that your deeper self detects a inconsistency between your internal and external system. And even if you hide in the satisfactions produced by instant pleasures and the excess of thoughts without evolutionary meaning, solutions that are not the last ones.. over time, this pain becomes life's heaviest burden.

You may have heard that the pains of the world are inevitable and suffering for them is optional, but denying our innermost realities brings us more and more frustrations and difficulties.

Why do you allow it? Are you attracted to drama or victimization? Do you know that many times the pains are cyclical and you get used to them... or do you need them to produce some chemical in your brain that you depend on? Do you know how to get out of them?

It is unfortunate that in these so-called times of human "great evolution", most deny themselves their entire lives and their inner richness goes unnoticed.

This is the true suffering that paralyzes us. However, before it becomes a blurring or paralyzing worry, my students learn to downplay it and instead, focus on developing their inner resources consistently to live off of them... many going through difficult circumstances in their lives!

Cumplo 2 décadas implementando entrenamientos y sintiendo una enorme gratitud por todas las oportunidades que he tenido de ayudar a construir bienestar para personas de todas las edades, variadas profesiones y sectores empresariales, incluyendo miles de personas en situación financiera desfavorable.

Many of the tools worked on are now in the Integral Human Development Platform I built (rated by WWBR UK as No. 1 in LA), filtered and structured to create an impact on all kinds of people. You have several free and paid alternatives, depending on the level of professional support you require, through their Self-Activation and Self-Expansion Programs - click here.

Más de 11.500 personas han recibido la ayuda de estos programas para encontrar bienestar en sus vidas... ¡y ahora tu puedes elegir convertirte en una de ellas!

Alejandro Martinez

The True Wealth Of My Business Development

Changing the material comfort that a stable job offers me to express my inner truth and live from it, has led me to go through unimaginable situations.

At the age of 20, in the middle of my studies, I started working in a family business in full commercial decline. At 23 years old, I become its manager and in 1 more year, a partner. This allows me to stabilize it, triple its size and recover my investment in it.

Close to my 30's, looking for new horizons, I sell my participation and start as a business and financial consultant. Also, I experiment as a trader on the New York Stock Exchange and develop some online projects. I work on the creation of a delivery portal that I finally closed in 2000 when it was affected by the dot-com crisis of that year.

New experiences, links, trips and the constant search that I have maintained since I was young, lead me to discover at 33 years old that the true meaning of life lies in cultivating inner wealth before outer wealth.

Focusing on my internal well-being leads me to work creating contributions that are significant for humanity.

Convinced that success and satisfaction, work and personal, depend mainly on mental skills rather than techniques, my consultancies began to focus on the psychological aspect; in professions and occupations as varied as artists, traders, coach, psychologists, military, educators, managers... Of course, expressing inner potential enhances all human activity!

In 2004, I created the Human Development Academy, in tune with my life principles.

Hundreds of testimonials begin to make the benefits of our programs evident. More than 3,000 low-income people in the city of Bogotá benefit from them, in contracts with the City Mayoralty. At least 4,000 teachers have received face-to-face training with me, transforming their leadership skills and their teaching styles.

Fue sólo tras 7 años de ayudar a desarrollar talentos que, en el 2011, siento el impulso por desarrollar los míos. Saco el teclado que tenía guardado desde joven debajo la cama y ¡descubro la posibilidad que tenía de improvisar en él!, con métodos propios que creo de acuerdo a lo que escucho y siento.

I little desire to follow the traditional techniques of music: memorize and reproduce repertoires, because as a young man I had allowed them to extinguish my intention as an artist.

Los métodos que enseño, en todos los programas, mucho más que enfocarse en repetir, llevan a obtener mayor claridad personal, desarrollar habilidades psico-emocionales, impulsar la creatividad, desarrollar talento y expandir la conciencia.

No. 1 Online Mental Gym in LA

Impulsado por los resultados y reconocimientos, en el 2015 creo la Plataforma Virtual de Desarrollo Humano Integral, con la que se multiplicaron las posibilidades de interiorización continua para cada miembro de la comunidad.

Artists, coaches, psychologists, human resource managers and executives, and thousands of other "regular friends", with various occupations, have benefited from our programs. Each of them with: a yearning to be better and resolve to create a prosperous future!

The testimonials of multiple people who have taken advantage of its hundreds of structured activities, introspection exercises, readings and videos, allow it to obtain in 2017 the WWBR award from the United Kingdom as the No. 1 Complementary Education System in Latin America.

The Strategy of Recognizing The Limits of the Mind

Being realistic, we know that the human mind does not invite deepening but prefers to memorize formulas of a few steps to achieve achievements, but in reality less than 10% of people achieve them.

Although we say that "we do want to be better", we tend to stay more in comfort zones rather than assume our inner deepening with determination and consistency. "The mind is a monster with a thousand heads", say the Easterners, using really hundred of strategies to avoid taking advantage of our internal resources.

The business of helping to develop the mindset in people in an ethical way (without trying to manipulate them by promising them unrealistic achievements in a few steps or exciting them), by nature, goes against the mental current itself.

So, teaching methods do not require denying negativity but helping to focus on well-beingLearn to be friends with these involutionary currents, without fighting with them, in order to recognize them and be able to avoid many of their harmful mechanical responses. With techniques that guide continuous inner deepening, much more than with reprogramming techniques or mental repetition.

I confess that although "produce the maximum good to the greatest number of people possible", has always been a definition of ethics that has inspired my work, today I understand that my main objective before changing the world must be to change myself.... and that inner wealth is more important than outer wealth. Without detaching myself from material abundance, it's not about that!, but about greed, attachments, dependencies, vanity and the ego; aspects in which our students are prepared.

Also, today I recognize that, as I go deeper, everything I need has always been in me! Undoubtedly, willpower and the continuous development of my skills are the main resources I have, which, with the appropriate guidance, allow me to deal with life's uncertainties, unfold more and more of my inner potential and achieve goals.

Either way, the greatest experiences in life, my greatest contributions and greatest riches, are generated when I realize that my potentialities are beyond my thoughts and that I can never really expect to know everything... right after my mind stop resisting or searching and prefer to surrender, trust and act!

What is ADH (HDA)?

La Academia de Desarrollo Humano SAS. (ADH), constituida legalmente en Bogotá, Colombia, es un sueño realizado que cumple dos décadas impulsando el desarrollo humano integral a través de entrenamientos y materiales didácticos, gracias a una comunidad comprometida con el bienestar de todos sus miembros, que ya superan 11.500.

A human potential developed by strengthening soft, creative and entrepreneurial skills.

Support the inner transformation in people, strengthening the ability to realize to promote integral human development. Create learning communities, supported by virtual and face-to-face training programs that allow self-discovery, promote talent, entrepreneurship and global humanization. Contribute to balance in the various dimensions of existence.

To stay current in a world of uncertainties and changes, I think you have to earn a living by your own means, that is, with the minimum intermediation of unstable, discouraging, often nullifying work environments and many today at risk of disappearing.

The opportunity offered by the Internet to do so is immense and has barely been taken advantage of by less than 1% of the world's population.

I can't look back anymore and there are no excuses! The world has changed and the Internet is allowing access to a community of people related to who I am, as I had never imagined before. Many of them will vibrate, too, if you present them with your expanded inner potential.

Today we all have the unique opportunity to create an audience to which we add value and, after gaining trust, invite them to delve into what they tell you most that interests them about you, through paid alternatives.

In this way you do not need to look for clients, they will look for you! You do not sell or feel that you cheat anyone, you serve without thinking about the reward. Following the right method you can create a network of new friends to help with their needs and take you to live DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. Today more than ever... showing who you are, does pay, and it keeps you valid!

With the courage of a warrior and the skills of a tightrope walker, I can ascend with agility and security in life. With my potential expanded, in the falls or failures, which we all have, I can get up, learn and move on. In achievements, also learn, thank, and celebrate. Thus, each step I take focuses me and leads me to an ever deeper reunion with myself and with my improved abilities, to realities that are perhaps unimaginable today...


If you want to be successful by earning a living through means that depend little on other situations or people, such as earning a living online, you need: access to your inner wealth! The one you have always had but perhaps you have little explored. And once you activate it... develop it and give it to the world, applying proven methods that, step by step, guide you until you consolidate your income or business.

Therefore, it only remains to ask yourself one question... a truly vital question:

Do you prefer to let YOUR POTENTIAL wither, with the inconveniences and costs that are generated, or do you decide to take charge of your destiny, identifying and developing it?

Your decision to give more of yourself and expert support help you to recognize and express your vital force, in your personal, work or artistic life, but also to free yourself from fears, guilt or limiting beliefs, communicate assertively and authentically, take decisions with greater security, create healthy relationships and stable businesses.

Is there something still stopping you from trying to show yourself as you are?

First, it is need to start beware of superficial or "light" support for personal or entrepreneurial development, focused on concepts and formulas to achieve goals in few steps, often unreal, such as staying happy, successful, or positive all the time, when the real thing in everyone's life is the ups and downs.

In many cases, these supports become burdens, fueling frustration and leading to the belief that personal growth does not work or is for just a few. The problem is that they lead to loss of interest in being better and to continue taking refuge in routine and comfort zones, increasing pain and limiting the possibility of achieving goals.

If I develop soft skills with the right guidance, which helps me grow in an integral and continuous way, I can unfold my potentials, effectively manage the real ups and downs that we all experience and balance personal and work life.

By making self-improvement a habit, I keep the currents of the world from taking me as they please. By raising my understanding and deploying my capabilities, I think and act assertively and consistently, I can take charge of my future and prevent others from doing it for me!

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