Recall that one of the thinking styles that is stagnating human evolution the most, is the so-called Pluralist Relativism (presented in the Unplug Course of the Master Program in Integral Human Development of the Vital Learning Platform), which is who believes he has overcome the religious, scientific, technological and materialist vision of the world today... who believes he has the most humane, solidary, or spiritual solutions... who believes that in life everything has justification or everything is right, and avoids assuming positions or thoughts to elude conflict or effort.

These relative ways of seeing our own personal growth commonly make us believe that we know a lot about living and that we are superior than others. Also, it is the so-called spiritual ego and humanistic ego, which is the most difficult ego to overcome.

This style of thinking commonly also likes personal growth activities, but mainly seeks to bring you some satisfaction or recognition for your own ego, your mind, your emotions, your senses, where the effort you have to make is the minimum.

These visions prevent us from compromising and taking care of our own development, creating a form of violence with ourself that is very little recognized but highly limiting.

Courses, books, workshops, or other activities that aim to teach personal growth, commonly focus on satisfying emotions or sensations, almost none helps the creation of habits of continuous study of himself, because that requires a medium and long-term accompaniment that guide, encourage and help develop some self-discipline.

With this limited way of seeing our self-improvement, we end up making it only a theme, a fashion, or another product, of which we speak, sometimes excited; But, by not committing ourselves personally to self-study, giving continuity and having adequate accompaniment and motivation, the results of performing this type of isolated activities of personal growth tend to be lost.

If we see personal growth as experiences that we eventually carry out to have a good time, with which we do not show significant and permanent changes in our lives, we are creating one of the most harmful cancers for the development of humanity, because we end up playing down self-awareness and, therefore, to be better every day, when it is perhaps the most important aspect and that can benefit the most on a personal or collective level.

Let us learn to counteract the existing disinterest in working truly and continuously in the development of our inner being, making self-study a habit. Lean on the solidarity communities that boost your improvement.



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