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Know And Express Yourself Better In Your Personal, Work Or Artistic Life
-12 Weeks of Gym for Your Mind-

Learn to Relate to Yourself Better, Communicate Effectively, and Build Meaningful Relationships

Regardless of Your Age and Life Difficulties!

Why Do You Need This Now?

Do you live free or as a puppet of fate? Do you manage your ego and your instincts?

When you know yourself and know how to raise the frequency of your thoughts and emotions, you turn them into allies. You manage to minimize the harmful effects that they usually bring us, when we have little control over them and their reactions.

If you have the habit of acting according to learned beliefs and customs or, better, as others have told you to do, you nullify your most authentic expressions... the best part of you!

Those who deny the opportunity to gain greater awareness, clarity, focus and positivity and have made a habit of thinking and acting in mechanical and negative ways, with a certain conformism of their state, hardly manifest their inner potential and find themselves at a clear disadvantage in front of a world increasingly demanding.

Today we see how the ideas and behaviors learned, which before seemed sufficient to adapt to the world and keep some level of satisfaction, personal and work, are ceasing to produce the same effect as before, serving less and less to overcome the challenges and risks of the present.

This is an invitation to expand! That you learn to raise your awareness and interact effectively, so that you can better overcome the challenges you experience.

Today you can start to transform your perspective, leave behind blocks and frustrations and increase your chances of achieving goals and prosperity. Access now to the Training Innovate with which hundreds of people have made their lives more satisfactory and even for their environments.

Just by dedicating a few minutes a day to training your mind, for 12 weeks, you will be able to acquire the skills to create an innovative and impactful mindset.

Learn how your mind, ego and instincts work, will help you to reprogram your ways of thinking and acting, leave behind prejudices, empower your vision, create meaningful relationships and avoid falling into unnecessary situations or conflicts.

Imagine all the time and money you would save! if you focus more your attention on the uplifting and reduce your mechanical reactions, minimizing behaviors that we usually regret later.

Cuando Te Inscribas A Este Reto Gratuito, Serás Candidato para Ganar Premios Incluyendo:

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Para Que Empieces Ahora Mismo A Renovarte y Asumir El Control De Tu Futuro. (And Much More!).

Honor who you are and prevent the world's difficulties from paralyzing you and those you already have from increasing. Create a new reality in your life and increase your chances of well-being and helping others to do so, by applying the INNOVATE Training Now!

Create the Skills That Allow You to Handily Face Your Future!

With the Training:

Know And Express Yourself Better In Your Personal, Work Or Artistic Life

3 Months of Inner Deepening

MONTH 1: Unplug Yourself
How to stop the past from controlling your life and truly take charge of it

Interaction with others, society and culture can greatly determine how we think, speak and act. Learn to identify reactive behaviors, which are obsolete and harmful to life in the present. Are we born originals and die as copies? Express yourself in more original and creative ways to obtain greater well-being and satisfaction in life.

MONTH 2: Why Do We Think, Speak And Act So?
Management of the Ego and the Instincts

Learn to read the context of your existence and the ground you walk on daily. Are you aware that you live in the mental zone? Do you know that your mind is an instrument usually governed by the senses? Much of your personality is governed by biology. In this module you become more aware of your psychobiological thoughts and impulses.

Channel your thoughts and emotions and turn them into allies of your potential creator.

MONTH 3: Effective Communication
How to Create Meaningful Relationships

Constructive relationships are two-way, based on goodwill, mutual trust and sincerity. Learn to sow so that you can reap amazing results in life. Train yourself in managing negative attitudes such as shame, doubt, fear, reproach, guilt, or other low-frequency emotions that are contagious and weaken your personal worth and your creative potential. Strengthen this potential, cultivating high vibrations such as acceptance, joy, respect, serenity, among others.

Build bridges with the world so that you generate positive effects in the interaction, learning techniques to listen and express yourself both assertively and effectively.

Take Charge Of Your Mind And Stop The World Or Someone Else From Doing It For You

Change Spreads From Others...
Here's What People Who Have Taken Our Trainings In The Past Are Saying!* And Now It's Your Turn!

“Simply put, I have learned to be happier. I think it's not how things are but how one sees things. I decided to move away from the negative and enter into a search that leads me to my personal, work, social and family development.”
Alberto Zuleta

“I may not be able to mention the endless number of learnings, but I can mention that the first step is that I am breaking some paradigms, because during this time of life, I have permeated many religious, family, educational beliefs, as well as social constructions. that led me to think of a world of illusions and fantasies.”
Paula Velarde

“I feel that I have overcome some limitations, I am more spiritual, creative, compassionate, loving and more competent when it comes to communication.”
Julieth Esárraga

“There are a lot of super interesting modules in this program that help me think hard about the things we don't know in life.”
Darley Acosta

"The lessons learned help me build well-being and satisfaction in my life, since by taking them into account I can better control each of my emotions, thoughts and behaviors."
Adriana Aponte

"I experience personal, family and social changes that allow me to better communicate with myself and with my environment, which allows me to make the best decisions."
Yeinardo Moreno

“What I am studying has allowed me to discover things about myself that I did not know, and it is generating a lot of family and work well-being for me, since I am learning to act in delicate situations in which I found no other way out than to act badly.”
Hermes Rozo

“Really, the contribution that this program has left me is very important because I can manage my leadership and contribute positive group work to my community, developing their capacities and potentialities to improve the work, family and social climate.”
José Sánchez

*Individual experiences may not be common to all. Your history, education, work experience and commitment to this challenge may be different. These stories are illustrative and do not guarantee your success or failure. Your results may vary.

Training Price
Including All Educational Resources

Membership to the ADH Platform* for 3 Months, with Weekly Group Sessions to Resolve Concerns, Theoretical and Practical Introspection Exercises, Downloadable Documents, Videos and Guided Practical Training in the Platform's Internal Chat.


If after the first 14 days this Training "INNOVATE" is not 100% of your satisfaction we will refund your money in full with not questions or discounts.

Satisfacción Garantizada

Program Start

After completing your payment and registration process, you will receive before 24 Hours a message with your username and password to access the ADH Platform where you can do the exercises and access the classes on a deferred basis.

¡Por Tiempo Limitado!

Creative Attitude

Free access to the course: "Creative Attitude" at the ADH Platform, to unleash and take your creative mindset to a new level.

Topics, investigative resources and cognitive restructuring exercises for identify with your inner potential and remove veils that make it difficult to express it in your job or occupation. Tutoring through the platform's internal chat.

Save $US 197!

You Will Start To Get Different Results When You Learn To See Yourself And Express Yourself In An Transparent And Loving Manner.

Sistema # 1 de Educación Complementaria - Premio WWBR del Reino Unido

* Our learning systems are carried out on the educational platform of the Human Development Academy, which received in 2017 the British award from Worldwide Business Review as the best complementary education system in Latin America, to develop personal potential and of groups.

With the Training: INNOVATE, you will increase your chances of achieving consistent goals, in the midst of uncertainties and continuous change

Membership to the ADH Platform* for 3 Months, with Weekly Group Sessions to Resolve Concerns, Theoretical and Practical Introspection Exercises, Downloadable Documents, Videos and Guided Practical Training in the Platform's Internal Chat. Más Bono de Regalo por tiempo limitado: Curso "Actitud Creativa" (¡Ahorras US $197!)

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