Being neurotic is being able to behave badly without feeling responsible for one's actions. Jung says that the sick person does not have to learn to get rid of his neurosis but learn to endure it. Because disease is not a superficial and meaningless burden, it is what the person is; the same person is that "other" that we always try to exclude. If we flee from the evil that is in us, we put ourselves in danger. All evil is potential vitality that needs to be transformed. Pretending to live without the creative potential of our own destructiveness is like being a cardboard angel. Sheldon B. Kopp

– The neurotic person interprets reality in a narcissistic way: he does not accept reality as it is, but as she wants it to be; She lives in her desires and her vision of reality is what she wants it to be. If his desire is not fulfilled he becomes furious to force the world to fulfill his desires, or he reacts by feeling powerless because he cannot do the impossible. In the child’s normal development, this attitude slowly changes to a mature attitude of being aware of reality and accepting it with its laws. The notion of freedom of a neurotic person is the omnipotence of narcissism, while the notion of freedom of a fully developed person is to recognize reality and its laws and act as necessary, interacting with the world in a productive way, assimilating to the world with the powers of thought and affection.

– Freud: Knowledge leads to transformation: in the very act of knowing itself, it transforms itself. Spinoza: Intellectual knowledge transforms only if it is also emotional.

– Our conscious thought is only a small part of the total psychic process that develops within us.

Living exclusively in the conscious part of the psyche has produced a general condition called “The Evil of the Century”.

Symptoms of the evil of the century:

  • The opaque life
  • Human automation
  • Self-distance
  • Remoteness from others
  • Distance from nature
  • Living without purpose
  • Living without meaning
  • The desire to escape insecurity
  • The desire to flee from loneliness
  • Boredom
  • You feel that life is slipping away like sand between your fingers
  • It feels like one is going to die without having actually lived
  • Absence of joy of living even in the middle of a sea of facilities and comforts
  • Discontent
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

The cure of the evil of the century does not consist in the absence of the disease but in the presence of well-being.

For each of us, the only hope lies in their own efforts, in completing their own history, not in the interpretations of others. If one has to get rid of himself, he will have to accept himself first. You cannot get out of a trap unless you have first fallen into it. Overcoming through delivery is the only way out. When someone feels stuck and confused and with their good intentions tries to let go and have clarity, remains chronically trapped in the swamp of their own stubbornness. If you allow yourself to go deeper into the experience of being stuck, only then can you recover this part of yourself that is holding you back. Just stop trying to control your thinking and let yourself sink into your confusion will bring you the clarity you seek.

(Alan Watts talks about the law of the reverse: when one tries to float in water he sinks and when he tries to sink he floats.) You discover yourself when you are curious about the other human beings who live with you and also struggle in this world. The only times we get what we crave is when we stop clinging to the search. In those instants of delivery, everything is possible: “The whole universe yields to a calm mind”.

No one can recover their own beauty and innocence without first looking face to face the ugliness and evil that exist within them. If we live as pilgrims at every moment we will leave the story and enter the natural life as an honest traveler, alone, backpack, “the true human being, who lives the fullness of life, is always on the move “The journey itself is your salvation. The opening to escape from a purely psychological existence must be reaffirmed again and again. Enlightenment does not produce perfection, it simply offers the possibility of living with the acceptance of imperfection. One doubles their suffering feeling unhappy with their own unhappiness. Sheldon B. Kopp

The Nature of Wellbeing: psychic evolution of the human being

Erich Fromm defines well-being as an existence in accordance with the nature of the human being. existencia acorde con la naturaleza del humano.

– Unlike animals, who have a mechanism of adaptation to the environment incorporated into their instincts and thus live completely subject to nature, humans, although they are also within nature, transcend it in their thinking and in their awareness of themselves as supposedly separate entities, which makes them feel lonely, lost and impotent, sometimes to an unbearable degree.

– Well-being means overcoming separation and distance and indifference towards one’s destiny and the common destiny of humanity. It is to be born totally, to be what one is potentially, and to have the full capacity for joy and sadness, to awaken from sleepwalking in which the ordinary person lives, to be creative, fully aware.

– Well-being means overcoming separation and distance and indifference towards one’s destiny and the common destiny of humanity. It is to be born totally, to be what one is potentially, and to have the full capacity for joy and sadness, to awaken from sleepwalking in which the ordinary person lives, to be creative, fully aware.

– Welfare is the result of the integration of the Conscious and the unconscious: Internal subjective conditions and operating states here and now. Gradual process of understanding the fictitious, partial, relative or unreal character of our “normal” consciousness. We ignore the fact that we already possess all the necessary faculties to be cheerful and affectionate with each other.

– Wellbeing is to experience the divinity instead of just be content with thinking excitedly about it.

– Wellness is Freedom: a condition in which all the creative and benevolent impulses inherent in the human heart operate without obstacles. Integrative experience in which knower and known are unified. It requires a free and unobstructed mind, yet the idea of unity and totality is also an impediment that threatens the original freedom of the spirit.

In his book Cosmic Consciousness, a Study and the evolution of the Human Mind, Richard Bucke says that the human has progressed from his “simple consciousness” or animal, to the human consciousness of himself and is currently on the threshold of developing Cosmic Consciousness, a revolutionary evolutionary event that has already occurred in a number of extraordinary personalities in the last two thousand years and before.

[Extracted from the Module “Unplug Yourself” of the HDA Program: Master in Integral Human Development]


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