Unplug Yourself

And Activate Your Inner Wealth

Identify Your Reactive Behaviors, Which Are Harmful To Your Health

Discover How to Express Your Originality and Creativity

Learn to Create Integral Well-being and Satisfaction in Your Personal and Work Life


The VITAL Training That Has Transformed the Lives of Thousands of People

Life changes us without realizing it! However, our mind is reluctant to understand and adapt to the new conditions that are presented to us, even with clear calls to do so.

We have become so accustomed to following the path that has been laid out for us, like the one that follows the needle of a disc, believing ourselves to be comfortable in it, that we scarcely realize that we repeat the same thing over and over again, as if the disc were scratched.

We end up pretending to be fine, following the ideas of some current of thought and locking ourselves in shells to feel some degree of comfort, but deep down feeling that we need to give more meaning to what we do and unleash our capabilities more.

We flee from this feeling by focusing our gaze on the outside world and little or nothing on the inside, living life in mechanical ways and finding some degree of satisfaction in instant pleasures that often end up creating other discomforts or greater difficulties.

There are those who try to overcome this situation, generally by following methods of a few steps that make them believe that by applying them they will achieve permanent success, happiness or positivism... Forgetting that in everyone's life what is real are the ups and downs. In addition to giving up, they end up dangerously believing that personal growth is very difficult or that little goes with them!

The Psycho-emotional training Unplug Yourself, takes you on a journey inward and allows you to recognize the various blocks that life has implanted in you and the main gifts that you can still develop, WHATEVER YOUR AGE!, with a proven method that helps you remove, step by step, the layers of confusion and illusion that keep you in negative or paralyzing mental states.

You don't have to keep sacrificing yourself without giving what you know you can give of yourself, much less allow your vital energy to stagnate. With today's challenges and risks, allowing it and hiding in the shell becomes more painful and harmful to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health every day.

Clarify your inner reality! Learn how to build a perspective of your healthy and prosperous future. Begin your psycho-emotional training now: Unplug Yourself And Activate Your Inner Wealth.

Do you take charge of your thoughts or do you act like a puppet of fate?

Unplug Yourself

And Activate Your Inner Wealth

Train your mind for 30 days, spending just a few minutes a day rediscovering yourself at No. 1 Virtual Gym For The Mind in LA.*, so you can take your life to a new level of development.

Thematic Units

Get out of the psychological prison that you create when you live repetitively and automatically and start manifesting the treasures that are in you!

Training Price

Membership to the ADH Platform for 1 Month, with 2 Collective Support Sessions Every 15 Days to Resolve Concerns, Theoretical and Practical Introspection Exercises, Downloadable Documents, Videos and Guided Practical Training in the Platform's Internal Chat.


If after the first 7 days this Training "Unplug Yourself" is not 100% of your satisfaction we will refund your money in full with not questions or discounts.

Satisfacción Garantizada

Program Start

After completing your payment and registration process, you will receive before 24 Hours a message with your username and password to access the ADH Platform where you can do the exercises and access the classes on a deferred basis.

Sistema # 1 de Educación Complementaria - Premio WWBR del Reino Unido

* * Our learning systems are carried out on the educational platform of the Human Development Academy, which received in 2017 the British award from Worldwide Business Review as the best complementary education system in Latin America, to develop personal potential and of groups.

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