Unfold Your Purest Creativity And Live From It With The Craft Or Art That You Love, Even If You Are A Beginner!

With the Program:

Programa Creativo en 7

Seven 1-on-1 Mentoring to Increase Inspiration and Income

Learn in 7 Personalized CONSULTANCY TO:
Unleash Your Inner Force
Improvise In Your Art Or Craft
Improve Your Productivity

Remove Mental Blocks
Express Your Purest Creativity
Consolidate Your Personal Brand and Online Business

Duration of the program

4 Months
7 Personalized Sessions With Alejandro Martinez - 1 every 15 days

The student accesses the study platform once the registration is complete and he or she will receive their first coach session with Alejandro Martinez the following week.


Session 1
Unit 1
Opening To The Creative Mind

Learn about the probed and practical method of acquiring personal clarity, with which you can connect the source of creativity within you.

Tests, videos and practices to help you get used to inner connection and creative expression.

Session 2
Unit 2
Connect Your Inner Strength

Aprende a centrar la atención en el estado del "no-yo" para que aprendas a manifestar tu auténtica creatividad, la que surge a partir de quién eres.

Practical exercises to remove inhibitions and release potentials that may be blocking your purest creativity.

Session 3
Unit 3
Express Your Purest Creativity

Discover creative qualities such as: maintaining your capacity for wonder, being in tune with inner joy, being true to yourself, accepting uncertainty and let it go yourself to the present moment.

Recommendations and practices to develop creative qualities and find increasingly authentic expressions in your art or craft.

Session 4
Unit 4
Improvisation: The Holy Grail of Creativity

Know how to improvise fluently, regardless of the art, craft or degree of technical preparation you have.

Learn to sharpen your attention to your deepest senses and feelings to discover new ways to express yourself spontaneously. Learn how to be inspired by error and create effortlessly. Schedule a live practice with Alejandro Martinez so you can receive tips that boost your creativity!

Session 5
Unit 5
Live From Your Creative Gift

Techniques to generate income by developing your creative passion. Learn how to live doing what you like the most, even in uncertain and changing environments.

Learn proven methods to take your career to another level with little capital and even if you think it is difficult to do it.

Session 6
Unit 6
Launch Your Creativity

Design your strategy and monitoring system to launch your gift to the world through the Internet. Help others and improve your income.

Guide, step by step, with the proven method that has led many people to live serving, expressing their purest creativity.

Session 7
Unit 7
Inspire With Creativity

Make your creative purity and renewed tenacity your main source of inspiration to take advantage of the synergy of a group or audience. Experience a unique connection between everyone and motivate them to their own renewal.

Learn how to turn innovation, agile adaptation, and continuous improvement into habits for your life, that of those who follow you and those around you.

Development of the Program

The "Creative in 7" program has a duration of 7 fortnights (3 and a half months), each of them with 1 Mentoring Session by Alejandro Martinez of one hour, theoretical-practical activities of personal introspection in the ADH Platform, guided practical training, and 2 weeks of implementation of the contents learned by the students.

Each student receives guidance to overcome CHALLENGES and express themselves with AUTHENTICITY, in their personal and work life.

Also, you get techniques to IMPROVISE in a few weeks, in your art or craft.

In addition, you get a personalized ROADMAP that leads you to launch your potential to the world and make it your main source of income.

The guidance and encouragement that students receive, along with their dedication, allows them to connect internally, unfold their gift, and route their work strategy.

BONUS - Improvise with Alejandro Martinez: Once the student has put the learning into practice, they will gain access to Live Sessions with Alejandro Martinez where you can improvise together, each in his or her art or craft. These sessions are held in the same mentoring sessions or in additional sessions with other students.

Program Price
Including All Educational Resources

Membership to the ADH Platform for 4 Months, 7 Fortnightly Mentoring Sessions with Alejandro Martinez, Theoretical and Practical Exercises, Downloadable Documents, and Guided Practical Training.



Membresía Platinum

Acceso a la Plataforma por 4 meses, 2 Meses de Sesiones Online Grupales, Ejercicios Teóricos y Prácticos, Documentos Descargables, Acceso a Grupo Privado y Formación Práctica Guiada.

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1 payment per month:

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Success stories
Student achievements

"These human development programs have taught me great things, they guided me to a totally different horizon, they changed the way I see life, they changed the chip of my mind, I see life from another perspective that helps to increase my potential. I feel like I am another person."

Darley Acosta

"I long to continue with my process, because I feel more and more well-being in myself and fully enjoy the moment, I wish to continue to have creativity as a weapon to respond to different situations, not to put up barriers, to have a positive and uplifting attitude that allow me to continue growing in my being and to project it to my exterior. "

Jazmín Echavarría

"What I am doing to implement what I have learned in my life is to focus my attention on my internal energy field, so that creativity and great ideas emerge."

Pedro Vera

"It has helped me with my well-being, my tranquility, my renewal as a being, and to enjoy my life in integrity with others and with nature... It is incredible how we grow in the midst of an environment contaminated by limitations and indications, that we do not they allow us to BE."

Clara Honyed Ortega

"It is very important to know when to stop thinking momentarily and focus attention on your inner energy field, become aware of stillness, and when you think again, your thinking will be fresh and creative. When you quiet your mind, listen or let the experience express itself, when you are silent, great and creative ideas emerge."

Víctor Manuel Rincón

"I was making a serious mistake by doubting my abilities, with the practice of the program today I can say that our own thoughts often limit us and are the ones that generate obstacles, therefore the importance of recognizing ourselves and discovering the capacities and talent that God has given us."

Diana Chaparro

"It is really dignifying, to reach these levels of wisdom and not only apply it in the personal field but also in the family, work and social fields. Feel ourselves as part of the universe, that we are not a single entity, united in the development of our potentialities. By being and acting with a creative mind, we can find alternative solutions to conflicts and contribute ideas. Our actions with others allow us to develop creative minds, without borders to achieve positive goals for the well-being of our community. "

José Ascensión Sánchez

"This course has a transcendence in my life since it allowed me to know the scope of the mind and how far it was from what it is and its implication in us and others, the materialization of that reality that I have created and that therefore I can transform at will and recreate for my good."

Wilson Díaz

"It is relevant to begin to create connectivity with that part of our interior with which we lost communication a long time ago, however, we tend to perceive faintly sounds of his voice, as imperceptible whispers that we pay little or nothing attention to. Starting to listen to them is perhaps the first step to realize that there is something more, that inside us there is something wonderful and fantastic that could enhance our existence on a situation that at the moment we aren´t even capable of perceiving."

Jhon Jairo Serna


If after the first 14 days this Program: Creative In 7 is not 100% of your satisfaction we will refund your money in full with not questions or discounts.

Satisfacción Garantizada

Plazo de Matriculación
Finaliza el _____ de ________ a medianoche

Program Start

You`ll receive in the following 48 Hours a message to coordinate your first training call with Alejandro Martinez. By completing the registration process you access the ADH Platform where you can perform the exercises and watch your classes on a deferred basis.


Improvise Live

Perform live practices with Alejandro Martinez in your art or craft to receive personalized recommendations to help you activate new creative expressions.

Once you have put into practice the initial learning of the program you will be able to participate in improvisation sessions with Alejandro Martinez, so you can learn to connect with the most subtle aspects of yourself and perfect your creativity.


In Addition, Today You Also Receive:


Personal Expansion

Full access to 12 months to the Master in Integral Human Development, to expand your awareness and develop new skills.

Get rid of limiting beliefs, renew the perspective you have about yourself, develop multi-competences and get used to continuous improvement. Boost all the dimensions in which you exist to take your skills development to a new level.

$US 1.297!



Creative Attitude

Free access to 12 months to the course: "Creative Attitude" at the ADH Platform, to unleash and take your creative mindset to a new level.

Topics, investigative resources and cognitive restructuring exercises for identify with your inner potential and remove veils that make it difficult to express it in your job or occupation. Tutoring through the platform's internal chat.

Save $US 197!



Focus and Precision

Free access to 12 months of trainings for maintain focus and attention on the present.

Descubre en este curso vital, el path to transform a mentality without much order for one of self-improvement that makes you more clear, firm, and perseverant. Tutoring through the platform's internal chat.

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WhatsApp Platinum

Priority attention for 4 months to an exclusive WhatsApp Group so that the students of this program find psychological and technical support that makes it easier for them to unfold their inner potential.

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